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Pesso Boyden USA – Albert Pesso & Diane Boyden’s web site

Pesso Boyden Netherlands – English web pages with links to articles

‘State of Mind – Healing Trauma’  
Albert Pesso’s documentary film about using PBSP techniques with victims of war trauma in the Democratic Republic of Congo
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Albert Pesso Lecture ‘Introduction to PBSP therapy’
Recorded at an Open Workshop in Richmond upon Thames, April 2013
Part 1 – What is life all about?
Part 2 – Our Maturational Needs
Part 3 – Consciousness, Language and Memory
Part 4 – How Pesso Boyden Therapy Works
Part 5 – Resistance, Limits and Holes-in-Roles
Therapy Today – December 2014 Issue
Rose Rouse discusses the impact of Pesso Boyden Therapy from a client perspective
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